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Perfume Symphony Pitti 2022

     Perfume Symphony - Evaporating Triangle. Crescendo & Diminuendo.
     September 17th, 4PM, Pitti Fragranze, St. Leopolda, 
Florece, Italy.

PITTI 2022
Logo Pitti 2022

     Pitti Fragranze September 2022 16th-18th - Booth B11
     Stazione Leopolda, 
Florece, Italy.


     Esxence June 2022 15th-18th - Booth M94 - MiCo 
     Milan, Italy.

Pitti Fragranze.jpg
Pitti Fragranze 2021.jpg

     Pitti Fragranze September 2021 17th-19th - Stazione Leopolda  
     Florece, Italy.

     Fashion & Friends December 2020 11th-13th - Infecar  
     Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Stand 51.

promocard Esxence 2019.png

     Esxence 2019 - The Mall - Milan, Italy. Stand M71.

     Esxence 2018 - The Mall - Milan, Italy. Stand M71.

     Pitti Immagine Bimbo 86
     January 18th-20th 2018
     Fortezza Da Basso - Florence, Italy

     Isetan Italian Fair September 26th - October 3rd 2017
     Isetan Salon de Parfum 18-23 October 2017 
     Tokyo, Japan.

     Smell Festival May 26th 2017 - Grand Hotel Majestic 
     Bologna, Italy. 

     Esxence 2017 - The Mall - Milan, Italy. Booth M10.

     Parfum d'Ambre  December 9th 2016 - Bruxelles, Belgium.
     In-store event.


     L'Essenziale December 3rd 2016 - Turin, Italy
     Perfumery Festival.


     InterCharm La Niche. October 26th-29th 2016 - Moscow, Russia.
     Stand A26.


     Pitti Fragranze 14. September 9th-11th 2016 - Florence, Italy.
     Stand S/4.


     Emphatia July 13th 2016 - Prague, Czech Republic.
     In-store event.


     Fabio&Ilenia Concept Store May 21st 2016 - Prato, Italy. 
     In-store event.


     Global Art of Perfumery April 16th-17th 2016 - Düsseldorf, Germany.
     8th International Trade Fair for Perfumeries. 

     Esxence 2016 - Milan, Italy. Booth D10.

     December 3rd 2015
     Hatria Collection Presentation
     Event for boutiques and press 
at Beliy Restaurant - Moscow, Russia.
     In collaboration with Exility Group.

     Intercharm La Niche October 21st-24th 2015 - Moscow, Russia.
     Stand B13.  
In collaboration with Exility Group.

     Pitti Fragranze 2015 - Florence, Italy. Stand S/6.

     Esxense 2015 - Milan, Italy. Booth D20.

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